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суббота, 4 февраля 2012 г.

Course Description

Welcome to Laser B1+, a modern, motivating course specifically designed to take teenagers from intermediate level  up to the B2 exam level. Laser B1+ offers students: a comprehensive topic-based approach,a graded syllabus,systematic grammar and vocabulary development,controlled language and focused exam skills development. The Student's Book contains 16 topic-based units,graded to get more challenging as the course progresses.Through a modern design and engaging age-appropriate texts,learners are introduced to the topic of the unit in the Reading section, which develops reading skills and introduces key vocabulary as well as providing practice in a Cambridge First Certificate style task.This text is then further exploited as the source of examples in the Grammar clinic section.The course will give students an opportunity to develop their ability to communicate effectively in some realistic situations and to promote social, study and projects skills.It willprovide them with some learning strategies in order to develop language abilitities in all four skills areas-reading,writing,listening and speaking.


Required Books: Laser B1+ Course book for class 9, Steve Taylore-Knowles,Macmillan,
2010. Laser B1+ Work Book with audio CD,Macmillan,2010

Additional materials: Grammar and Vocabulary Student's Book, Malcom  Mann,
Steve Taylore-Knowles, Macmillan, 2008. We are going to use original up-to-date
materials from other sources as well, e.g. the Internet. You will find the necessary
Internet links in your tasks and assignments and in  the reference list.        

Course Requirements

To meet the goals of the course you must
•work hard on materials to study: learn vocabulary, grammar rules, practice different learning strategies and take an active part in discussions;
•co-operate with your classmates while working in pairs, groups, doing projects and webquests;
•hand in all your tasks and assignments on time. 

We will use the Internet as a resource and you will be asked to read guidelines covering Internet use. Even if you are experienced with the computers and the software, you should be prepared to spend time outside of class (either at home or at the classroom open hours) on various assignments and projects.

During the school year you will be required:

•to write different types of papers (personal letters,reports,articles) by the end of each module;
•to make some oral presentations (mini-projects) and give up some writings (grammar tests)
 according to the course syllabus;
•to take part in the final Web Project "Career Planning"

четверг, 2 февраля 2012 г.


Course participation – 20%
Presentations,webquests – 15%
Papers – 20%
Tests – 15%
Final Project – 15%
Final Test – 15%

Course Syllabus

Week 1-2  Module 1            Family Ties. People and relationships.                                     
Student's Book Pages 6-13                                                    
  Family Relations                                                      
Week 3-4  Module 2            The Open Road. Transport.                                                    
Student's Book Pages 14-23                                                  
Transportation History
Week 5-6  Module 3             Killing Time. Free Time Activities. Hobbies.
Student's Book Pages 24-31
List of Hobbies
Week 7-8  Module 4             Work Wonders. Occupations.
Student's Book Pages 32-41
Career planning

Week 9-10  Module 5           The  Global Village. The Media, Communications.     
Student's Book Pages 42-49
The British Media Industry
Week 11-12  Module 6         Come Rain or Shine. The Weather.
Student's Book Pages 50-59
BBC Weather
Week 13-14  Module 7         A Matter of Taste. Food and drink.
Student's Book Pages 60-67
A matter of Taste
Week 15-16  Module 8         Out and About. Travel and Tourism.
Student's Book Pages 68-77
The Best Way to Travel
Week 17-18  Module 9         Lab Report. Science and Technology.                               
Student's Book Pages 78-85                                                  
Modern Technology                                                                                         
Week 19-20  Module 10       Let Me Entertain you. Entertainment.
Student's Book Pages 86-95
Entertainment News
Week 21-22  Module 11       The Learning Curve. Education.               
Student's Book Pages 96-103
Education System in Russia
Week 23-24  Module 12       Fighting Fit. Health and Fitness.
Student's Book Pages 104-113
BBC-Health: Healthy living essentials
Week 25-26  Module 13       Art Attack. The Arts and Music.
Student's Book Pages 114-121
All About Art. Styles of Art
Week 27-28  Module 14       Game, Set and Match. Sport.
Student's Book Pages 122-131
Why Join a Fitness Club?
Week 29-30  Module 15        Up in Smoke. The Environment.
Student's Book Pages 132-139
National Geographic
Week 31-32  Module 16        On the Run. Crime.
Student's Book Pages 140-149
The System of Judgment in the UK
Week 33-34                             Final Test. Projects.


Assignment 1  Oral presentations
Each of you will sign up for a brief oral presentation (10 min.) during which you will be

responsible for leading the class discussion and presenting some historical ,scientific
data that you have collected in your research on the topic. The data of this presentation
will be determined by the topic of the module you sign up for.You'll have to sign up for
a presentation by the end of the second week.
Assignment 2  Paper
During the course you will be required to write different kinds of papers indicated in 

your syllabus (reports,articles,essays,formal or informal letters).The paper must be 
submitted to my e-mail before the date or typed and handed on time.Late papers will 
not be accepted!
Assignment 3  Tests
During the course and also at the end of each module you will have to do a number
of grammar exercises which you can find in Grammer Corner.
Assignment 4  Research project (final work)
At the end of the course you will have to make a research project.You work should

meet all the requirements of the project.

среда, 1 февраля 2012 г.

Grammar Corner

Module 1  Tense review: Present (simple and continuous)
Stative and Dynamic Verbs
Exercise 1 Exercise 2
Module 2  Tense review: Past (simple and continuous)
Exercise 1
Exercise 2
Exercise 3
Exercise 4
Exercise 5
Exercise 6
Exercise 7
Exercise 8
Module 3  Tense review: Present Perfect (simple and continuous)
Exercise 1
Exercise 2
Exercise 3
Present Perfect and Past Simple
Exercise 1
Exercise 2
Exercise 3
Exercise 4
Module 4  Tense review: Past Perfect (simple and continuous)
Exercise 1
Exercise 2
Module 5  The Passive
Exercise 1
Module 6  The Future (1): will, going to, present (simple and continuous)
Expressing the Future
Exercise 1
Exercise 2
Module 7  Reported speech
Exercise 1
Exercise 2
Exercise 3
Exercise 4
Exercise 5
Exercise 6
Exercise 7
Exercise 8
Grammar in texts
Module 8  Infinitives and -ing forms
Forming Gerunds
Exercise 1
Exercise 2
Gerunds and infinitives
Exercise 1
Exercise 2
Module 9  Conditionals (1): zero, first, second
Zero Conditional  
Exercise 1
Exercise 1
Module 10  Modals (1)
Exercise 1
Module 11 Relative Clauses
Test 1 Exercise 1
Test 1 Exercise 2
Test 1 Exercise 3
Test 1 Exercise 4
Test 1 Exercise 5
Test 2 Exercise 1
Test 2 Exercise 2
Test 2 Exercise 3
Module 12 Result Clauses: so, such, too, enough
Module 13 The Causative
Exercise 1
Exercise 2
Exercise 3
Module 14 Modals (2): modal perfect
Exercise 1

Module 15 The Future (2): future perfect (simple and continuous), future continuous
Test 1
Exercise 1
Exercise 2
Exercise 3
Test 2
Exercise 1
Exercise 2
Exercise 3
Exercise 4
Exercise 5
Module 16  Conditionals (2): third
Conditional Quiz